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Visa Plaid Acquisition Explained: What’s Next for Fintech?

Do young fintech startups stand a fighting chance against the time-tested traditional institutions? The recent Visa-Plaid acquisition means they might not have to. Visa recently bought Plaid, a thriving fintech startup, for $5.3 billion. This sizable purchase price is over twice Plaid’s recent valuation of $2.65 billion. While not a direct competitor, Plaid is deeplyRead More

6 Tips to Make Sure Your Deal Closes in Final Underwriting

Operating a business isn’t easy– it takes a vision of success, the right team, and a continued thirst for growth. And at some point, all businesses require funding to shape these dreams into a reality.  Pre-approval for financing is a great indicator that you’ll be able to get the funding you need. Even if you’reRead More

Construction Accounts Receivable Financing: Turn Receivables into Cash

According to the 2019 Construction Payments Report from Rabbet, slow and floating payments cost the construction industry $64 billion in 2019. Why? While waiting on payments, contractors have to slow progress, or stop working on projects altogether. A lack of cash makes it difficult to pick up new jobs. Unfortunately, subcontractors don’t get paid onRead More

Small Business Loans: Should You Request Daily Payments?

The payment structure for a small business loan affects cash flow, which impacts your ability to handle routine expenses and cover operating costs. Daily and weekly payments have become the new norm for paying back an online lender. Through other arrangements, you might find withdrawals for thousands of dollars hitting your back account. Loans with dailyRead More

Does Credit Repair Really Work? Beware of These 5 Promises

Did you know simple errors on your credit report could cost you the benefits of a high credit score?  According to federal laws regulating credit reporting and debt collection, you have the right to a credit report free from inaccurate information, outdated records and repeat records of the same debt.  Businesses of all sizes useRead More

How to Avoid Business Loan Ripoffs: 5 Things You Must Know

When you’re considering business loan options, it’s easy to get caught up in the benefits of having cash on hand. You’ll finally have capital to pursue your next opportunity. Or, to take on a team of new employees and double your annual sales. But before you embark on this search, it’s also crucial to learnRead More

5 Easy Ways to Check Your Business Credit Score [Step-By-Step]

Not knowing your business credit score can hold you back. The National Small Business Administration (NSBA) Small Business Access to Capital Study shows business credit is the reason behind 20% of small business loan denials. That means one-fifth of all small business owners are denied the funds they need to purchase equipment, hire employees, investRead More

Business Loans for Tax Bills: How to Get Funding for IRS Payments

If you think you pay too much in taxes, then you’re not alone. 52% of small business owners feel the same way. That’s why many small business owners seek funding elsewhere—through business loans for tax bills. For 2016, the IRS estimated that accountants and small business owners spent $147 billion of their time simply complyingRead More

What Do You Need for a Small Business Loan: The Minimum Requirements

For many small businesses, loans are necessities. Only 48% have all the funding they need, and 29% fail due to lack of cash. Although approvals from institutional lenders are on the rise, applying is still a long and detailed process.  But what do you need for a small business loan? Researching the requirements up frontRead More

How to Get Funding for Your Startup Business in 2020

The new year gets the wheels of your entrepreneurial mind turning with fresh, exciting business opportunities. Startup funding can transform these ideas into viable realities. But the question of how to get money for a business startup isn’t always easy to answer. You have to know where to look, and prepare to do the footworkRead More

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