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How to Get Funding for Your Startup Business in 2020

The new year gets the wheels of your entrepreneurial mind turning with fresh, exciting business opportunities. Startup funding can transform these ideas into viable realities. But the question of how to get money for a business startup isn’t always easy to answer. You have to know where to look, and prepare to do the footworkRead More

Small Business Loans Map for New York City: Find the Best Deals

New York City is a vibrant, bustling location with a constant stream of visitors and plenty of foot traffic. Known as both a business and cultural hub, it’s a prime spot to establish your small business. You can both recruit top talent and establish a deep connection with consumers. But it’s not cheap. Cost isRead More

Business Loan Credit Inquiries: Soft Vs Hard Inquiries Explained

Getting a business loan has changed a lot in recent years. In the old days, when bank lending was the only option, credit inquiries were everything. If you had a low credit score, but needed financing for your business, you were out of luck. The advent of Fintech lending has changed everything. Now, there areRead More

Business Loan Rates in 2019: Why Were They So High?

A booming economy is great for the country but not for loan rates. The Federal Reserve Board (the Fed) keeps an eye on economic markers and adjusts federal interest rates up or down in response to changes. An uptick in economic activity can send inflation out of control, so rates increase to regulate prices, spendingRead More

How to Get Your Small Business Cash Flow Positive

Maintaining positive cash flow can be tricky when you run a small business. Expenses can quickly outpace income, leaving you scrambling to pay your bills and threatening the future of the company.  Understanding cash flow prepares you to face financial challenges and guide you in establishing practical cash management strategies. Why Cash Flow is ImportantRead More

Why Are Banks Losing Market Share to Alternative Financing?

A trend that began in the recession of 2008 and 2009 continues to influence where companies apply for – and ultimately get – small business loans. During a time when business owners needed money to push through the economic dip, banks were also facing difficulties and became increasingly reluctant to lend to anyone without stellarRead More

Business Credit Scores: Breaking Down the 5 Factors (And How to Check It)

Do you know your business credit score? If you’re like most small business owners, you’re probably looking at the question and scratching your head. According to a 2016 survey by Manta, an online small business community, 72% of people who own small businesses are clueless about their business credit scores, and 60% don’t know whereRead More

What is Alternative Lending? The New Business Funding Market

Why read when you can listen? Click the link below to hear Joe Camberato, President of National Business Capital & Services, explain everything you need to know about alternative lending in the Monjaco podcast! It’s becoming harder and harder for small business owners to get traditional loans. Banks are approving fewer applications and cutting backRead More

National Announces New Fast Equipment Financing Program: The eQuickment Financing Product

National Business Capital & Services is thrilled to announce the new eQuickment Financing Product! Like our groundbreaking new Performance Advance program, this new financing product is innovating the way entrepreneurs grow by putting the quick back in equipment financing! This new equipment loan program is helping business owners rapidly grow and scale their businesses withRead More

What’s the Minimum Years in Business for a Startup Business Loan?

You’re ready to get your business off the ground, but you need funding to bring your ideas to fruition. Can you qualify for a startup business loan? Surprisingly, the answer might be no. Many “startup loans” have a minimum time in business requirement, as lenders are often wary to fund younger companies. Having a fewRead More

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