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How General Contractors Can Prepare for New Opportunities

Most building contracts are awarded. When applying for consideration for any project, commercial, residential, municipal or even an extensive renovation, construction businesses need to make themselves known to prospective employers in the best light possible. In addition to their portfolio of completed projects, general contractors work with an extended list of subcontractors and suppliers. TheRead More

How to Use Construction Financing for Large Projects

When seeking construction financing for such a large capital investment, the objective is to borrow sufficient financing to bridge the time between making payments and obtaining revenues. No construction project, especially those that are large in scale, can proceed without adequate financing. The construction firm that oversees the project throughout its building cycle will haveRead More

Growing Your Construction Business With National Business Capital

Construction business owners have to balance their project schedules and their balance sheet. While they are seeking contracts to remain competitive, their office and worksite staff keep their organization running and projects on track. Successful contractors will additionally form a financial alliance with a trusted source for their construction financing to keep their cash flowRead More

Construction Funding for Off-Season Expenses

Construction projects are more limited during the winter months. Foundations cannot be poured, nor structures erected. Interior finishing work takes center stage along with stock taking and preparation for the season ahead. This is when contractors approach potential new suppliers, review subcontractors they may wish to hire on as well as review office staffing requirements.Read More

National Business Capital Assists Builders to Prepare for Spring Construction Projects

Specialized Construction Industry Financing Provides Fast Access to Working Capital Bohemia, New York, February 2, 2016: National Business Capital, an alternative financing group headquartered in Bohemia, New York, announced today that their firm is seeking to forge financial relationships to benefit contractors who require additional working capital to prepare for Spring construction starts. “The winterRead More

Loans vs Credit Cards – What’s Better for Your Construction Financing?

Many small to medium construction business owners get in the habit of extending themselves credit through credit cards. While this can be helpful for new businesses who have not yet established credit or construction financing sources, there are pitfalls to using credit cards as a funding source for businesses that have been established for aRead More

Construction Financing for 2016 in 3 Steps

As hard freeze sets in and construction turns to interior and finish work, some industry outsiders might think it is time that construction firms can take a well deserved “time out.” It doesn’t work that way, however. The winter months provide the time to take stock of what needs to be done to prepare forRead More

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