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Small Business Loans: Should You Request Daily Payments?

The payment structure for a small business loan affects cash flow, which impacts your ability to handle routine expenses and cover operating costs. Daily and weekly payments have become the new norm for paying back an online lender. Through other arrangements, you might find withdrawals for thousands of dollars hitting your back account. Loans with dailyRead More

Business Loan Rates in 2019: Why Were They So High?

A booming economy is great for the country but not for loan rates. The Federal Reserve Board (the Fed) keeps an eye on economic markers and adjusts federal interest rates up or down in response to changes. An uptick in economic activity can send inflation out of control, so rates increase to regulate prices, spendingRead More

6 Small Business Conferences You Must Attend [2020]

There are endless opportunities to grow your small business, but at a certain point, it’s natural to hit roadblocks. Attending a small business conference can help re-energize your ambition for growth and give you the tools you need! Small business conferences can help your business accelerate to the next level by not only putting youRead More

5 Recession-Proof Business Ideas & Opportunities [2020]

Uncertain economic times may seem like the worst environment for starting a business. But, you might be surprised to discover just how many businesses opportunities there are during a recession.  The economy is naturally unpredictable, and the entrepreneurs who make it through the ups and downs unscathed are those who focus on ideas with stayingRead More

The Cost of Hiring an Employee: What Are the Alternatives?

When your business needs more people to handle the workload and maintain high-quality customer service, hiring new employees seems like a logical solution. But can your budget handle the expense of hiring, onboarding, insuring and paying an expanded staff?  Sitting down to figure out the true cost of hiring is a surefire way to giveRead More

Why You Need to Harness the Power of Networking (And How to Do It)

Networking isn’t just a way for college grads to land that dream entry-level job— it can be a pivotal strategy in helping your business grow. Networking is a common strategy for business professionals to both broaden their knowledge about their field, as well as related fields, and expand their circle in the process. But, theRead More

What is Alternative Lending? The New Business Funding Market

Why read when you can listen? Click the link below to hear Joe Camberato, President of National Business Capital & Services, explain everything you need to know about alternative lending in the Monjaco podcast! It’s becoming harder and harder for small business owners to get traditional loans. Banks are approving fewer applications and cutting backRead More

How to Access 75+ Lenders With One Small Business Loan Application

Let’s face it: no business owner has hours on end to spend filing one small business loan application after the other— especially with the growth gears in motion and a company to build. Ideally, the business loan process should be as fast, convenient, and simple as possible from start to finish. At the end ofRead More

Business Financing Advisors: Leading the Way Through Innovation

A business financing advisor is a professional alternative business lender and advisor and customer service representative that provides a range of both business funding and consulting services specifically for business-oriented needs. Business financing advisors are different from other finance professions, as the services they provide are not offered by others including traditional lenders, direct lenders,Read More

What is a Small Business?

What exactly is a “small business?” In what ways does a business qualify as “small?” Is it the size of the building? Is it the amount of revenue a business generates that makes a business “small,” or perhaps the quantity of employees that work in one? In this article, we’ll break down what the termRead More

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