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The National team is filled with creative minds and expert innovators in the industry. We believe that such amazing people deserve rock-star treatment, so we go the extra mile to ensure our all-star team plays as hard as they work, and receives the top-quality care and benefits they deserve!

Experience Our Class A, State-Of-The-Art Building

We like to call it the 8th Wonder of the World – we dare you to prove us wrong! National’s modern, innovative building was designed in a way that inspires open collaboration, and a fun work environment!

An Awesome Culture Built by Awesome People

At National, you’re never at work—you’re with family! We go the extra mile to create a happy, inspiring and innovative work environment where everyone’s voice is heard, and no one goes a single day without a smile!

Ready for Some Fun?

From Summer BBQ’s, to Happy Hour Mixers, Company Sport Leagues, Catered Team Breakfasts and Community Initiatives, we’re always organizing fun ways to bring our employees together, and play an active role in our community!

Hands-On Training With Cutting-Edge Technology

Gain experience working with unique state-of-the-art technology, and witness industry-leading speed and innovation at its finest!

Get Paid to Help Your Friends Out!

Our generous employee referral program gives “friends with benefits” a whole new meaning! Land your friends a stellar job with us, and earn compensation for referring them!

Industry-Leading Employee Benefit Packages

We give all National employees the chance to receive world-leading healthcare package with significant employer contribution, as well as top-quality 401K package, and more!

Are You Ready to Become a ?


Want to know why the people at National are always smiling?

Because the team at National keeps the “FUN” in “FUNDING!”


Are you read to Grow with National? Do YOU have what it takes to join the happiest, most passionate team in the nation? That depends on your answer to this question:

Does providing millions of dollars to small businesses, and making a real difference by directly helping the economy grow sound like fun to you?

If you shouted “YES!” into your computer screen, then you’re officially a , and invited to join in on the fun at National!

“We’re extremely proud of our focus bringing our culture to the next level, and growing every day with greater unity, efficiency, and most importantly—Happiness!”

– Joseph Camberato, President

Another Amazing Year in the Books

2019 was a one-of-a-kind year for National, and we’re just getting started! We partied hard—between Hawaiian luaus and yacht celebrations—but we worked even harder! Newsday awarded us the Top Workplace on Long Island for building an engaging office culture, as well as the Doer’s Award for innovative Marketing & IT practices. 2020, here we come!

Stiff People Don’t Last Long Here

It’s okay if you are – some of our best friends are stiff! But our culture of trust, support, collaboration, friendship and general spontaneity is highly likely to break your shell in a day or two.

It’s Not All Fun and Games Here, Buddy. There’s Also Food and Drinks!

We go above and beyond to plan events for employees to enjoy both during and outside of work! From catered breakfasts and lunches, to sport teams, happy hour mixers and birthday surprises, the fun never ends at National!

Find Your Happy Place

Healthy snacks and drinks (and guilty pleasures too). Walls of windows. Warm and welcoming meeting rooms. An open staff kitchen with appliances. And of course, plenty and plenty of coffee. No matter what gets you comfortable and inspired, National makes it easy for you to find your happy place!

WOW Cards


Each week members of our talented team continue to WOW one another by going above and beyond their job description. In recognition, those that have WOW’ed are given a WOW Card to cash-in for raffle tickets at the end of the month for a chance to win great Prizes!

Congratulations to our WOW Card Recipients!

Are You Ready to Become a ?

Open Positions

Think you got what it takes? We believe you! Check out our open positions below, and apply directly for the position you’re interested in. It’s time to become the you’re meant to be!

WOW Cards

Congratulations to the following raffle prize winners!


Jose, Business Finance Advisor

Apple AirPods

“Great job last month your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Keep up the great job!” – James



Lauren, Marketing Coordinator

VISA Gift Card

“Great job working with the team and your efforts on the Performance Advance product release!” – TJ

Anthony, Strategic Account Manager

Lotto Ticket Basket

“I am giving Anthony a 10 pt wow card for helping me update a spreadsheet I needed. Good Stuff! Thank you!” – Greg

Kayla, Social Media Manager

Starbucks Gift Card

“I am giving Kayla a 20pt WOW card for taking the time to help me update the new name plates. You always go above and beyond!” – Lauren




Beats Headphones

“Giving Rob a 20pt wow card for hitting the goal we set for him in June. Keep up the great work!!” – Greg




Salon Spa Package

“I Gave Deirdre a 10pt WOW Car for helping out the production department on Company A pulls. Deirdre watched me do 3 and then did the following ones all on her own and correct! She asked great questions and took awesome notes. Thank you for the help Deirdre and keep up the great work girl!” – Alyssa