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CannaBusiness Financing Solution

New Streamlined Marijuana & CBD Financing in 24 Hours
Trailblazing New Cannabis-Specific Financing Product
Larger Funding Amounts for All Subsets of the Cannabis Industry

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It’s High Time You Fund A Better Way to Grow

There’s more opportunity now than ever in the fast-growing $10 billion cannabis industry. But banks won’t even consider approving an application, and taking on investors means signing away profit share forever.

The CannaBusiness Financing Solution solves this frustrating problem for ambitious entrepreneurs by offering a full solution!

Do You Qualify for a CannaBusiness Financing Solution?

1 Year in Business

You can qualify for the CannaBusiness Financing Solution as a young cannabis company with only 1 year in business!

$10K in Monthly Revenue

The CannaBusiness Financing Solution is accessible to fast-growing cannabis companies that need financing to reach the next level!

No Minimum FICO Score

Regardless of your FICO score, the CannaBusiness Financing Solution is a viable option!

What is the CannaBusiness Financing Solution?

The CannaBusiness Financing Solution gives aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs in all areas of the industry the resources they need to grow their own way! Offering a fresh solution to an industry in which all applications previously led to rejections, this new financing solution is the best choice for cannabis companies seeking cost-effective financing— without selling equity in the process.

Grow Your Own Way

From cultivation, to dispensaries, to marketing companies, the CannaBusiness Financing Solution is here to help you grow your own way, as long as your business model is in line with state laws!

Blazing The Trail For Streamlined Growth

There’s never been a more exciting time for an industry with sky-high potential. The CannaBusiness Financing Solution is a viable option for marijuana & CBD companies at all stages!

Funding For Every Aspect of the Cannabis Market

The CannaBusiness Financing Solution ends the quest for cannabis companies across the market, including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Cultivation, Growing & Farming
  • Hemp & CBD Products
  • Marijuana Products

  • Consumption Devices
  • Cannabis-Specific Marketing & Business Development Agencies
  • Other ancillary cannabis companies

Benefits of the CannaBusiness Financing Solution

  • No Industry Restrictions

    Whether you need equipment to grow marijuana or working capital to grow your dispensary, the team at National can help!
  • Lightning-Fast Financing

    Get growing right away with approvals in 24 hours and funding in 48!
  • Larger Funding Amounts

    Secure all of the cannabis capital you need thanks to National’s industry specific solution!
  • No Minimum FICO Score

    Qualify based on profit and potential, without credit challenges holding you back!

We Have Funded Over $1 Billion in Financing Through Our Global Marketplace Funded Map

Fast Facts: CannaBusiness Financing Solution

Get Funded in 24 Hours

Qualify in Minutes

Simple, Quick & Easy

Marijuana & CBD Funding WIthout the Hassle

Unsecured Funding

Get Financing Without Putting Up Collateral

How Can You Use a CannaBusiness Financing Solution?

Cannabis Business Growth

Use the CannaBusiness Financing Solution to grow your cannabis business by hiring new employees, purchasing new inventory, opening a new location, or anything else!

New Opportunities

Don’t let new opportunities pass you by— pursue every opportunity for revenue using the CannaBusiness Financing Solution!

Working Capital

From payroll to commercial rent to inventory costs, cover any expense associated with running your cannabis business as you expand your reach or move through a slow season!

Why Choose National Business Capital & Services for a CannaBusiness Financing Solution?

With an in-depth knowledge of the cannabis market and a natural talent for helping businesses across all industries grow, the Business Financing Advisors at National are here to help you! After filling out a 60-second application, somebody from our team will reach out to you to discuss the opportunity. Based on your needs, they’ll recommend the best financing programs available to you, and get you started right away!

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