Business Credit Lines are Back!

Having access to a line of credit is essential for a business.  Since cash flow can be unsteady and unpredictable, quick access to funds can help a business make payroll, pay taxes, pay bills, buy equipment, etc.


With the economy causing greater fluctuations in cash flow, business owners need lines of credit more than ever. Unfortunately, most banks have cut or closed their business line of credit programs.  Not us.  National Business Capital never stopped lending and our guidelines have remained flexible.

Some of the benefits of a business line of credit are:

  • Having peace of mind knowing that you have access to available credit.
  • Receive an actual check book!
  • Only pay for the funds that you use.
  • Having the ability to take separate drafts when needed.

National Business Capital’s business line of credit is available to limited industries. Call and speak with one of our business experts to learn if your business qualifies.

About the Author, Joe Camberato
Joseph Camberato, President at National Business Capital & Services, developed a passion for business at a young age. Joseph has a true respect for anyone who owns a business and enjoys engaging them in discussions of how they “made it happen.”