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Business Cash Advance

If you need quick access to capital for your burgeoning business, consider National Business Capital & Service’s Merchant Cash Advance Program.

This business cash advance program is ideal for retailers, restaurants and service companies with strong credit card sales that either don’t qualify for a traditional loan or wish to take one out due to its restrictive parameters.

business cash advance

What is a Business Cash Advance?

The premise is simple — business owners receive a lump sum payment in exchange for future revenue generated from credit card sales.

The Merchant Cash Advance Program features, unlike other cash advance lenders, a repayment fluctuation based on your business earnings.

A set percentage out of daily credit card sales is collected until the business cash advance and low-cost fees are recovered, which is usually in less than a year.

How Business Cash Advances Benefit Small Businesses

There are many benefits to this standard loan alternative. It is a perfect solution for companies that don’t want to be tied to a set monthly payment or due date.

Many proprietors choose advanced business capital loans because they offer a low-risk unsecured business line of credit, which is not backed by collateral.

And unlike traditional loans, business cash advance loans are not based on personal credit history.

How to Get Business Cash Advance Loans

When you choose National as your business advance proprietor, your company will benefit from 24-hour approval, no upfront fees and funding within just a few days.

In fact, our clients’ financing needs are addressed quickly and efficiently, regardless of credit score. Plus, our advanced business capital pricing is far more competitive.

Contact us about a business cash advance today. In addition to our Merchant Cash Advance Program, National offers customized programs for every size and type of business, regardless of credit history.

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Our easy 1-minute online application will help you attain the best financing options for your business needs. For additional information about our business cash advance loans and more, call (877) 482-3008.

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