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Are You Taking Advantage of Social Media to Promote Your Business?

Social media has become a large piece of the marketing puzzle for businesses, but many business owners fail to understand the true value.  While social media strategies will differ from business to business, each should implement and use social media.

What Does My Credit Score Mean?

Do you want to secure a business loan, but are afraid your credit score will make you ineligible?  Are you worried that recent financial hardships have decimated your credit? Have you found mistakes in your credit report that have not been corrected? Any of the above scenarios can induce anxiety when applying for a businessRead More

Did You Know National Business Capital Finances Equipment For Up To Five Years?

Attention!  Valuable information to help increase profits! DOCTORS, RESTAURANT OWNERS, MANUFACTURERS, WHOLESALERS, DISTRIBUTORS, AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES! You’ve heard the saying, “You have to spend money to make money.” Purchasing equipment in order to offer additional services and/or be more efficient is a great way to better serve your customers and increase your profits.National Business CapitalRead More

Maximize Your Summer Earnings!

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer.  Is your business ready? National Business Capital can help prepare your business to maximize your summer earnings. NOW is the time to finance all of your seasonal needs! Our financing programs can help repair, replace, update, your equipment or create services to increase your revenue. Don’t waitRead More

Business Credit Lines are Back!

Having access to a line of credit is essential for a business.  Since cash flow can be unsteady and unpredictable, quick access to funds can help a business make payroll, pay taxes, pay bills, buy equipment, etc.   With the economy causing greater fluctuations in cash flow, business owners need lines of credit more thanRead More

New Local Daily Deals for Small Business

By now everyone has heard of, and probably used,  Groupon, Living Social, or one of the many sites like them.  These sites all work along the same premise, they just go about it slightly differently. They offer customers the chance to purchase one significant deal each day.  This allows the business to attract a largeRead More

Pricing Your Business Services for Maximum Profits

Deciding to open your own business is a risky, yet exciting, venture.  One of the most important factors to consider is how to price your services so that you can make a profit.  Customers come to National Business Capital for help achieving their business financial success, whether through funding or merchant services, so we wouldRead More

Pinterest for My Business?

The use of social media in business is on the rise and business owners are learning that it is not whether they use it, but how they use it.  Keeping up with the constant evolution of social media can create a challenge for the business owner to implement the best strategy. The newest social networkRead More

Happy Workers = Productive Workers

Everyone dreams of having a job that they love going to each and every day.  As a business owner, hopefully you have created a work environment that you find enjoyable and you love the industry you work in. Now take a moment to think about your employees. Most likely your employees smiled a lot duringRead More

Thank You For the Stellar Testimonials!

Here at National Business Capital we pride ourselves on our customer service. We are pleased to share some thoughtful testimonials from happy customers. Thank you for putting your trust in us! “Funding in 7 days? I thought it was impossible, especially after getting my applications declined by my local bank and other companies. I amRead More

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