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How Doctors Bridge Slow Healthcare Payments with Revolving Credit

Timely and accurate insurance payments are just what the doctor ordered, but they’re not always what you’ll get. Nearly 90% of Americans are enrolled in a health insurance plan, which has made treatment more widely available, and also helped doctors to see more patients. But while an influx of patients is good for business, treatingRead More

6 Small Business Conferences You Must Attend [2020]

There are endless opportunities to grow your small business, but at a certain point, it’s natural to hit roadblocks. Attending a small business conference can help re-energize your ambition for growth and give you the tools you need! Small business conferences can help your business accelerate to the next level by not only putting youRead More

12 Improvements to Make for Your Employee Handbook In 2020

Your company has key policies that keep it running smoothly, and you need a simple way to communicate them without confusion. Your employee handbook brings all the details together in one place! Whether it’s a digital file or physical document, this is a great resource anyone with questions can refer to.  But you can’t justRead More

5 Recession-Proof Business Ideas & Opportunities [2020]

Uncertain economic times may seem like the worst environment for starting a business. But, you might be surprised to discover just how many businesses opportunities there are during a recession.  The economy is naturally unpredictable, and the entrepreneurs who make it through the ups and downs unscathed are those who focus on ideas with stayingRead More

CannaBusiness Financing Solution: Get A Cannabis Business Loan In 24 Hours

In what seems like the blink of an eye, cannabis has transitioned from an illegal, black-market industry to one of the fastest-growing industries. While it’s still federally illegal, cannabis is recreationally legal in 11 states. In 2017, the cannabis market grew by an impressive 37%. In 2018, legal cannabis sales amounted to a whopping $10Read More

Why Are Banks Losing Market Share to Alternative Financing?

A trend that began in the recession of 2008 and 2009 continues to influence where companies apply for – and ultimately get – small business loans. During a time when business owners needed money to push through the economic dip, banks were also facing difficulties and became increasingly reluctant to lend to anyone without stellarRead More

Get Your EIN: How to Find Your Business Tax ID Number

When you start a business, you may need an employer identification number (EIN) to identify the company for tax and financial purposes. Also known as a federal taxpayer identification number, your EIN is a unique nine-digit number that functions for your business in a way similar to a Social Security number (SSN). Once you haveRead More

36 Small Business Statistics You Need to Know (2020)

Don’t let the word “small” fool you—there’s a lot more that goes on in the small business world than meets the eye. Despite having a lower number of employees on payroll and fewer customers than the average large business, small businesses hold a significant presence in our economy—especially as it continues to boom.  According toRead More

(Updated) US China Tariffs Trade War: Business Owners Prep For Challenges Ahead

This post was most recently updated on October 4 to reflect the latest developments in the ongoing US-China trade war.  The United States and China, the two greatest economies in the world, are currently at odds in what China has referred to as “the largest trade war in economic history.” Although the Trump Administration isRead More

The Cost of Hiring an Employee: What Are the Alternatives?

When your business needs more people to handle the workload and maintain high-quality customer service, hiring new employees seems like a logical solution. But can your budget handle the expense of hiring, onboarding, insuring and paying an expanded staff?  Sitting down to figure out the true cost of hiring is a surefire way to giveRead More

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