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Phil joined the National Advisor as a guest author to contribute finance, marketing, and tech news. With a background in Business and Marketing, he provides insights into current trends, tech, and marketing strategies.

UltraFICO: The New Credit Scoring System for Better Business Credit!

UltraFICO, a new credit scoring system rolling out in 2019, will change how FICO is calculated in a way that helps millions of small business owners with low FICO scores obtain financing that they wouldn’t be approved for otherwise. For business owners needing an extra few points in order to qualify for financing, UltraFICO willRead More

Is Private Equity Financing Right for Your Funding Needs?

When businesses need to secure funding, most still look to the bank as their first option. This is unfortunately a flawed line of thinking, and it can lead to even more trouble if a business owner becomes desperate to land necessary capital to complete a project. With that in mind, it’s probably not surprising thatRead More

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