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Matt Carrigan is the Content Writer at National Business Capital & Services. He loves spending every day creating content to educate business owners across every industry about business growth strategies, and how they can access the funding they need!

Should I Apply for Alternative Financing With Good Credit?

Alternative financing has turned the lending market on its side by reinventing the criteria that borrowers must meet in order to qualify for a loan. In doing so, it has empowered countless business owners– who would have otherwise been left without options to grow their businesses! But as many business owners are coming to realize,Read More

The Retail Apocalypse: Is Amazon Prime Day to Blame for Store Closures?

It happened to Toys R Us. It happened to Blockbuster, RadioShack and Sports Authority. Now, the looming threat of retail store closures appears to have become a reality for several more popular retailers. According to Coresight Research, retailers across the board have announced 7,062 store closures this year. Projections show that this number could climbRead More

What You Need to Incorporate a Business in 2019 [Checklist]

Your thriving business may have started out as a spontaneous side hustle, but if you want to enjoy the same basic protections that corporations have, then it’s time to incorporate. Forming a corporation can protect your personal assets and provide benefits when tax time rolls around, but there’s a process to follow if you wantRead More

Get a Business Line of Credit for Summer & Seasonal Slowdowns

Does your business experience the summertime blues? If seasonal fluctuations cause a decline in your business, then you’re not alone. Business owners in all industries face a decrease in customers over the summer, and re-calibrating to keep up-to-date with payroll, overhead, and other expenses can be a challenge. Applying for a business line of creditRead More

502 Bad Gateway Errors: What Happened With Cloudflare’s Outage?

If you encountered a 502 Bad Gateway Error in your internet travels yesterday, you weren’t alone.  Cloudflare, an industry-leading network services provider, was responsible for the mid-morning turbulence that prevented internet users across the world from accessing many websites, several of them heavily trafficked. What is Cloudflare, Anyway? Cloudflare is a content delivery network thatRead More

Canadian Alternative Financing Market Set to Explode

Look out, maple syrup.  After years of steady growth, the Canadian alternative financing market has slowly picked up speed, and it’s set to explode.  Our neighbors to the north have had access to alternative finance lenders for some time. But, statistics from the past few years demonstrate sizable, sustained growth in this emerging market.  CanadianRead More

7 Government Regulations Your Small Business MUST Comply With [2019]

Your business is moving full-steam ahead. Your profit margins are rising, thanks to continued operational improvements. There’s nothing in your path that can slow you down now. Wait! Before you crack a celebratory bottle of champagne and kick back, you must make sure you’re abiding by all relevant regulations. Government regulations on business apply toRead More

7 Ways to Prevent Small Business Cyber Attacks

Changing your locks may protect your small business from intruders, but unfortunately, warding off hackers isn’t as simple. In 2018, two thirds of small-medium businesses suffered at least one type of cyber security attack. As the internet has evolved, hackers have refined their techniques to reach a wider pool of victims, faster than ever. WhetherRead More

Cannabis Small Business Loans and Regulations: Accessing the Green You Need to Grow

Regulations on Cannabis Small Business Financing: Everything You Need to Know Trump’s tax adjustments have opened up a world of new opportunity for small business owners, but aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs still have plenty of other hurdles to jump. To start, there’s the growing disconnect between the federal and state governments regarding cannabis’ legal status. ResultingRead More

How to Lower Costs With a More Energy-Efficient Restaurant

Are you dreading the summer spike in your restaurant’s utility bills? From the ice maker to the walk-in cooler, all of your appliances spend the season fighting against rising temperatures. The same warm weather that brings in waves of customers takes its toll on your equipment and your budget. As a business owner, you needRead More

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