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Matt Carrigan is the Content Writer at National Business Capital & Services. He loves spending every day creating content to educate business owners across every industry about business growth strategies, and how they can access the funding they need!

Is Alternative Financing Legit? 9 Facts You NEED to Know

By now, it’s out there. Alternative financing is a quick, easy and painless path to financing for business owners in need of capital. But with other more traditional options like bank loans out there, it’s impossible not to ask the question: is alternative financing legit? The answer: a resounding yes! Businesses across the world (includingRead More

Streamline Retail Operations with This APS Software

With business operations streamlined, your company is better suited to make strategic decisions and  respond quickly to customers’ needs. But with a technically complex business model and a thousand processes in place, how can you manage it? Maintaining efficient, cost-effective operations keeps you on target to meet your business goals and offers a competitive advantageRead More

How to Score the Lowest Rate on a Business Loan (Without Banks)

Accessing low business loan rates from banks can be tricky. Qualification requirements often exclude startups, seasonal enterprises, very small businesses with low sales volumes and businesses with shaky financial histories. Approval and underwriting for qualified businesses may take weeks or months. From your standpoint as a business owner, this means missing out on opportunities whileRead More

Private Equity Investments Vs. Business Loans: What You Need to Know

So, your idea for a new business worked! Now, you’re at a stage where you need financing, fast, or else you may not be able to sustain growth. What happens next? Most business owners in this position go down one of two roads. Either they seek out a private equity investment to get capital andRead More

How to Use Social Media for Your Business: 7 Insider Tricks

With 3.04 billion active users around the world, social media platforms are fertile ground for marketing. But using social media for business gets trickier all the time.  Customers assume brands are active where they are; in fact, 62% expect you to provide customer service through social media! Meanwhile, platforms like Facebook keep adjusting their algorithms,Read More

FedEx Ends Amazon Ground Delivery Contract: Entrepreneurs, Assemble!

What if we told you that you could lead a team of Amazon employees, all from the comfort of your familiar home city? Thanks to the latest development in the eCommerce giant’s life, it turns out you can. The Amazon FedEx contract is set to end at the end of August, with no renewal inRead More

[2020] How to Access Construction Loan Rates from 75+ Lenders

Getting financing for your construction business can be an uphill battle, especially if you try to go through a bank. Traditional lending often limits your options, making it harder to qualify for a loan to support operations during slow seasons or take advantage of opportunities when you’re ready to grow. Does that mean you’re stuckRead More

[Updated] July 2019 Fed Rate Cut: Is Your Business Prepared?

This post has been updated to reflect that the Fed cut rates to a range of 2-2.25% on Wednesday, 7/31/19. After much anticipation, the Fed cut interest rates by a quarter of a point on Wednesday, July 31st. This turn marks the first rate cut in over a decade, as the Fed attempts to layRead More

New York eCommerce State Sales Tax Supreme Court Rulings: Are You Complying?

The time has come: eCommerce stores are now held accountable to pay state-specific sales taxes. If your business hasn’t complied with the change, then it could mean a hefty bill is coming your way. Consumers have grown quite accustomed to the new way of the digital shopping world. With platforms like Amazon and Alibaba moreRead More

7 New Technologies To Save Your Restaurant Time & Money

The place setting might never change. But if you’re not adapting the rest of your establishment to include emerging restaurant technologies, you might be falling behind competitors. Incorporating new technology in restaurants can help you to save time and money by streamlining many of the previously manual processes in your day-to-day. The numbers show thatRead More

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