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Megan Capobianco is the Marketing Manager at National Business Capital & Services. Megan is passionate about helping business owners along their journey - providing them with relevant content they can use in their day-to-day operations.

Veterans Small Business Enhancement Act [2019]: What You Need to Qualify

If you’re a veteran running a business, you’re in good company. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are about 2.4 million veteran-owned businesses in the U.S. employing around 5.8 million people. The 2012 Census Bureau Survey of Small Business Owners showed that 99.9 percent of all of these businesses qualified as small businesses,Read More

Thryv Small Business: The Complete Guide to Set Up a CRM for Your Business

The customer experience is at the center of business success, but it’s not easy to make sense of the data you collect through channels like e-commerce, social media and marketing campaigns. In fact, 30 percent of marketers say they struggle with putting together data from siloed sources to generate meaningful insights. Customer relationship management (CRM)Read More

Secured Business Loans: National’s Ultimate Guide to Loan Collateral (2019)

The growth and success of most businesses often require access to additional funds. If your small business is in need of extra money, secured loans can be the key to overcoming challenges or taking advantage of available opportunities. Jump Into The Guide… What is a Secured Business Loan How to Get a Secured Business LoanRead More

4 Must-Have Business Protection Services for Businesses of Every Size

Risk is part of running a business, and it should never be downplayed or ignored. You need to take financial issues, compliance concerns and legalities into account when assessing business risk and arm yourself with resources to ensure you’re prepared to deal with the unexpected. Key Services to Protect Your Business If you’re wondering howRead More

Top 11 Business Practices That Expand Your Customer Base

Attracting new customers to your business and retaining them in the long term doesn’t require a mystical formula known only to marketing gurus. A combination of time-tested online and offline tactics executed according to a strategic plan is all you need to grow your client base. Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Customer Base TheRead More

3 Overlooked Improvements You Can Use Small Business Loans To Fund

Far too many small business owners don’t understand the full potential a small business loan can afford their company, and as a result, don’t use it to its maximum capabilities. Indeed, it’s an outdated way of thinking, but plenty of entrepreneurs still consider business loans to be a last-ditch option; a desperation ploy when theRead More

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Applying for Small Business Loans

At National Business Capital & Services, each week we meet, speak or chat with hundreds of business owners who have challenges to overcome and opportunities to take advantage of. When we talk with these incredible individuals, our job is to see how we can be part of their success story. To say that we’re aRead More

Why Are Business Loans for Women so Hard to Get?

Now, more than at any time in history, women of all ages have grabbed the reigns of business ownership, and are generating both direct and indirect employment and economic activity.Securing the right financing option such as a business loan for women is (or rather—can be) the easiest and quickest way for women-owned businesses to takeRead More

How to Get Franchise Loans with Bad Credit to Expand Your Business

Opening a second or third franchise location can be one of the most profitable opportunities for franchisees – albeit expensive. Many franchisees seek financing to help them get the funds they need to expand. This can be difficult for franchisees with bad credit, as qualifying for franchise loans through traditional lenders requires near-perfect FICO scores.Read More

8 Exciting Dental Industry Trends in 2019

New trends in the dental industry pop up every year, and 2019 is no different. Research shows that the coming year will be filled with exciting in-office and digital dental trends, including new technologies, improved business practices, and new ways to optimize the patient experience — and even robo-dentists. Read on to learn about theRead More

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