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How Doctors Bridge Slow Healthcare Payments with Revolving Credit

Timely and accurate insurance payments are just what the doctor ordered, but they’re not always what you’ll get. Nearly 90% of Americans are enrolled in a health insurance plan, which has made treatment more widely available, and also helped doctors to see more patients. But while an influx of patients is good for business, treatingRead More

5 Recession-Proof Business Ideas & Opportunities [2020]

Uncertain economic times may seem like the worst environment for starting a business. But, you might be surprised to discover just how many businesses opportunities there are during a recession.  The economy is naturally unpredictable, and the entrepreneurs who make it through the ups and downs unscathed are those who focus on ideas with stayingRead More

Get Your EIN: How to Find Your Business Tax ID Number

When you start a business, you may need an employer identification number (EIN) to identify the company for tax and financial purposes. Also known as a federal taxpayer identification number, your EIN is a unique nine-digit number that functions for your business in a way similar to a Social Security number (SSN). Once you haveRead More

(Updated) US China Tariffs Trade War: Business Owners Prep For Challenges Ahead

This post was most recently updated on October 4 to reflect the latest developments in the ongoing US-China trade war.  The United States and China, the two greatest economies in the world, are currently at odds in what China has referred to as “the largest trade war in economic history.” Although the Trump Administration isRead More

Eco-Friendly Construction Equipment: Can It Save Your Bottom Line?

If you’re facing cash flow issues in your construction company, you’re not alone. A 2018 survey showed 84% of construction firms struggle with cash flow, and 19% cite it as a “constant” concern.  But did you know adopting eco-friendly business practices in your construction company can help fix some of your budget issues? Upgrading toRead More

Chiropractors: Treat Growing Pains With a Line of Credit

You’re doing a great job of treating your patients’ back pain—your patient base is steadily growing, and they couldn’t be happier with the results. But what about your chiropractic practice’s growing pains? If your chiropractic practice is scaling quickly, then you don’t want to fall behind the curve. Building your patient base without taking theRead More

10 Things to Consider BEFORE Applying for a Bank Business Loan

If you’re thinking about applying for a business loan from a bank, it might be wise to think again. Going to a bank is a natural first instinct after identifying the need for capital to grow your business. According to Finder, almost half (48%) of all business owners seeking capital applied at a large bank.Read More

[Free Guide] First Time Business Loans: How to Find Yours

So, you’ve been in business for a while now, and you’re finally taking the leap of faith to apply for a first time business loan. Congratulations! This is an important step that some business owners find difficult to take, but financing can be crucial in pushing your company to the next level. The application canRead More

Is Your Business Over or Underinsured? How to Find Out

Does the question of how to buy business insurance have you confused? You’re not alone; many small business owners don’t understand the amount or type of coverage they need to be fully protected on all fronts. Some opt for the cheapest policies or avoid buying insurance altogether in an attempt to minimize expenses, and othersRead More

[Free Download] How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan (2019)

Operating a business isn’t easy– it takes a vision of success, the right team, and a continued thirst for growth. And at some point, all businesses require funding to shape these dreams into a reality. Knowing how to qualify for a small business loan before you begin the application process can be quite helpful. SmallRead More

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