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Joseph Camberato, President at National Business Capital & Services, developed a passion for business at a young age. Joseph has a true respect for anyone who owns a business and enjoys engaging them in discussions of how they “made it happen.”

National Announces New Performance Advance Financing Solution

National Business Capital & Services is thrilled to announce the new Performance Advance Financing Solution! Hot on the heels of the revolutionary Hybridge SBA Loan™, we’ve changed the small business financing game yet again with a new performance-based financing solution! The Performance Advance Financing Solution is breaking down lending barriers by offering business owners capitalRead More

How to Build Your Business Loan Payment Schedule [Free Spreadsheet]

Creating a payment schedule when you take out a small business loan helps you stay on track and manage your debt responsibly.  You want your business to be stronger at the end of the loan terms than at the start, but to achieve this, it’s necessary to know in advance how much, how often, andRead More

Looking to Expand your Restaurant? Check Out the Must Have Packages for 2020

Long wait times at your restaurant? Wishing you could seat more customers? Then it’s time to think about expanding or starting a second location. We created two restaurant growth loan bundles—which include all of the capital, services, and other resources your business needs to grow— that can take you where you want to go! InRead More

How To Choose The Best Small Business Health Insurance

Are you offering your small business employees a health insurance plan you can be proud of? From time to time, it’s important for all small business owners to evaluate the provided health insurance plan, and make sure that it satisfies the needs of their employees. Without the bandwidth, time, resources and connections that major corporationsRead More

The Average [2019] Interest Rate on a Business Loan

Small business loan interest rates vary widely between lenders and depend on a number of factors. To find and qualify for the cheapest loans, you need to not only compare options but also consider the qualification requirements of each lender. Stricter requirements often mean you have to go through a more complicated application process toRead More

What is Working Capital? How to Calculate it and Find the Best Loan for Your Restaurant

Having enough working capital is vital for keeping things moving in a positive direction as you round the corner after your first year or two in business. 70% of restaurants that make it past the 1-year benchmark close their doors over the next three to five years, as growth-related expenses climb and traffic doesn’t. But,Read More

What You Need to Start a Second Restaurant Location

Do customers keep asking when your restaurant will come to their town? Have wait times for a table during the dinner rush started to turn customers away? Are you having trouble meeting overall demand with just one location? If the answer is “yes,” it’s time to think about expanding your restaurant. Starting a second locationRead More

13 Best Tax Deductions for Small Businesses to Claim [2019]

“Which tax deductions is my business eligible for in 2019?” If you find yourself asking this question, then you’re not alone. Claiming some of the more obvious tax deductions, like salaries and wages, is a no-brainer when you’re gearing up for the tax season. What many business owners don’t realize is that, as long asRead More

5 Best VoIP Providers for Small Business [2019]

Start your search for a better business phone system with these top VoIP providers: 8×8 – Priced at $25 to $55 per month according to desired features, 8×8 offers unlimited calling to local numbers and locations in as many as 47 countries around the world. Features include business SMS, team messaging, voicemail, fax and audioRead More

Small Business Tax Rates [2019]: Historical Tax Bracket Analysis

Confusing laws, changing regulations and lengthy forms can make tax time a tough time for small business owners. But thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which officially went into effect for the 2018 tax season, many businesses are now eligible for lower tax rates and new deductions. How much of a breakRead More

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