Answering Services Your Business Can’t Be Without in 2019

Last Updated on July 22, 2019

With today’s focus on social media and mobile solutions, you might think most customers get their first impressions of your company online. Surprisingly, though, the old-fashioned phone still ranks as one of the top five sales tools for businesses, which makes a positive call experience a critical part of your customer service strategy.

Good service starts with a good first impression. A single incident of bad service is enough to make 33 percent of Americans consider switching to another company, and 51 percent of consumers say they’ll abandon a company completely after receiving poor service. What does this mean for your business? If customers are greeted by a confusing automated phone menu, long wait times or a busy signal when they call, you could lose over half of your potential leads and sales.

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Why You Need a Business Phone Answering Service

Having a live person to man your phones can make all the difference. In a recent survey conducted by Usabilla, 73 percent of customers said they attempt to bypass automated menus by pressing 0 to reach an operator, and 55 percent prefer to talk to real people on service calls. Why? Your customers want answers, not a robotic menu that gives them the run-around and bounces them from one department to another.

Professional Image

Answering services for businesses solve this problem with solutions designed to provide consistent, high-quality customer service and maintain a sense of professionalism for your company. You’ve probably faced a situation in the past where you had to answer an important business call while your dog was yelping at the mailman or you were just on your way out the door. Strangely enough, customers don’t seem to understand business owners have lives, too, and they may see this kind of background noise as a sign that your company lacks credibility.

“Always-On” Service

With an answering service, a trained representative is always available to accept calls so that you never miss a good lead, sacrifice the chance to book an appointment or lose a potential sale to a competitor. You don’t have to drop everything to take a call in the middle of serving another customer or try to ignore your phone as it repeatedly buzzes during an important meeting. Perhaps best of all, spam and robocalls become a thing of the past because you have someone to screen incoming calls for you.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Solutions

If you think all of this is far beyond your budget, do the math. How much would it cost to hire and train enough staff members to build a robust in-house call center, and what would you spend on equipment? A third-party answering service not only costs less, but also allows you to be more productive because you and your employees won’t spend half the day getting interrupted by the phone. When emergencies arise, an answering service can directly dispatch calls to the right staff members without taking you away from your work.

Power for Business Growth

Increased productivity has the potential to bring about growth, which means more customers and more calls. This can be a lot for a small business to handle, but an answering service has your back. No matter how many times or what hour of the day the phone rings, you can rest assured someone will be there to provide assistance and quickly direct the calls to the appropriate departments.

Best Phone Answering Service Features for Great Customer Experiences

What features should you look for when choosing a service provider to answer your phones?

  • Professional, courteous attitude reflective of your company’s culture
  • Call screening and filtering to eliminate spam and forward legitimate inquiries to the correct people
  • Customizable service times, including round-the-clock availability
  • Dependable uptime with no dropped calls
  • Appointment booking options
  • Affordable rates with scalable service tailored to your needs
  • Emergency call dispatch
  • Personalized answering protocol that’s easy to update
  • Zero language barriers between customers and representatives

Remember, the call service you choose represents your business as a whole and may be the first point of contact for a large percentage of customers. Don’t be tempted by the lowest prices or a particularly snazzy sales pitch; make professionalism and top-notch customer care your highest priorities.

Improve Your Company’s Image with Live Answering Services

Whether you run a retail establishment, offer professional services or deal in B2B sales, you need a way to guarantee customers’ calls are handled quickly and efficiently. Business call answering services from National Business Capital and Services provide:

  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • US-based operators
  • Customized screening and forwarding
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Real-time protocol updates

With help from a National advisor, you can create the best answering schedule and dispatch structure to serve your customers whenever you’re not personally available to pick up the phone. Customers will appreciate having the option to call when it’s convenient for them and talk to a live person instead of fighting through a lengthy menu, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing someone is there to handle incoming calls and ensure the all-important first impression is always stellar.

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