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Alternative Financing

Given the turbulent economy over the past decade, alternative financing from traditional banks has become far more difficult to obtain. The Small Business Administration has stated that traditional banks decline up to 80% of the loan applications they receive. This alarming statistic has left many small business owners looking for non-traditional sources to assist them in gaining additional working capital- to fill the void left by traditional lending sources.

National Business Capital is a leading alternative financing company. We have greatly simplified the process small business owners undertake to receive additional working capital, yet our applicants will have access to many other types of financing than the banks offer.

Top 5 Alternative Financing Options

Not every option will be right for every applicant. Our Business Consultants will provide the assistance needed to help our clients qualify for and obtain the right financing for their specific requirements.

How to Get Alternative Financing from a Trusted Source

With traditional banks, the timeline from application to when the financing is actually deposited in a borrower’s account (if approved) can take several months. At the onset, both paperwork and documentation requirements can be extensive. At National Business Capital, applicants take an average of two minutes to complete and submit their application. Personal and business financial documentation is not extensive. Next, decisions are made within 24 hours using realistic criteria. For example, a low FICO score will not immediately disqualify an applicant. Nor will an open tax lien! Another alternative financing difference: the entire application to financing process may be carried out online.

Once approved, clients will receive their money within days. Alternative financing enables small businesses to run leaner and to maintain less working capital, yet they will have quick access to additional funds should an opportunity or issue arise.

Obtaining financing through National Business Capital can make a huge difference in a small business’ efficiency and ultimately its effectiveness. With National Business Capital’s assistance as a trusted financial partner, small business owners can turn to our Business Consultants both now and in the future to ensure the continued success of their enterprise.

The non-traditional financing industry fills a void created by the economy and tightened credit at banks. It also presents great opportunity for small business owners who wish to establish a long-term business relationship with a trusted and dependable alternative financing company – National Business Capital. We invite you to contact us with your questions by calling (877) 482-3008 or by applying online.

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