6 Psychological Hacks That Improve Business Relationships

Every successful business is built on long-lasting, trusting relationships.

If your not the social butterfly your partners and customers wish you could be, there’s 6 psychological tricks that you can use to start gaining trust and building your business relationships ASAP.

6 Psychological Hacks That Improve Business Relationships

  1. Know Each Business You Work With Inside and Out: This is especially true for new and potential relationships.Selling your business is important. But demonstrating a keen interest in others’ businesses – what they do, how they operate, and their own mission and values – is even more crucial.It’s not just about making one hell of a great first impression (and it certainly does).Asking questions about others instead of talking about yourself is psychologically shown to be one of the best ways to improve relationships not just in business, but in life as well.

    Why did they start their business? What’s the mission of their company? How long have they been in business? How do they take their coffee?

    (Another great tip to get anyone to like you: offer coffee).

    Take the time to get to know each other, and watch the sparks fly for you and your business.

  2. Know The TRUE Value of YOUR Company Over Others: We get it. You sell good stuff that others buy.Maybe you even offer lower costs for higher-quality stuff than others.Here’s the scoop: WAY overused across every industry (among most others).So, what can your business do for others that no other can? What makes yours irresistible to your customers and partners?

    Your strengths lie in your business’s niche.

    Take some time to focus on what specific value propositions your company brings to the table that your competitors simply cannot!

  3. Show ‘Em Your Happy Face: We’re not asking you to change your whole personality.But nothing is more off-putting than a workplace culture full of disgruntled managers and employees.When it comes to business relationships, it’s true that positivity breeds positivity.The key reason why: when you show positivity, customers and partners are going to feel that there must be at least one pretty good reason why.

    It shows that you’re confident in your business’s success, and your ability to help them become just as happy.

  4. Don’t Be a Sore Loser: Nobody likes those.It’s a huge turn-off for customers, and a huge sign of distrust for your partners.So confront negative reviews and criticism as they come not with a balled up fist, but with a helping hand.Every business gets a negative review from a snarky customer at some point or another. If you didn’t yet, you will soon.When you do, apologize instead of argue.

    Respond to negative feedback with a solution, instead of introducing more problems.

    Most companies aren’t so great at this, and it always comes back to bite them hard in the end.

    But not yours.

    Yours could be the company that stands apart from the competition as the business that’s self aware, and always willing to improve and better satisfy their clients with a smile, no matter the odds.

  5. Humility & Transparency: We’re in a decade where businesses are seen more as “people” than ever before.Customers and partners care about the values and overall personality of the people who run and operate your business, more than they do about your products and services.So be everything that you see lacking in your industry.Be real. Be humble. Be transparent. Admit to what your company is lacking in.

    Don’t shy away from telling customers and partners that what they’re looking for might be in their best interest – while also having an alternative solution that you can offer instead.

    Humility and transparency are two psychological traits that boost confidence and trust in relationships more than anything else. Give it a try!

  6. Take an Interest in Others, Instead of Yourself: Not every interaction has to be a sales pitch. In fact, most shouldn’t.Always be thinking of your customers in your day-to-day. Is there a current event that might affect one or multiple customers?Give them a call, or send a personal (NOT automated) email to make sure they’re aware of it.Keep close track of birthdays, holidays, weddings, and special events, and send them personal messages and calls to let them know you’re not just their partner in business, but a true, honest-to-goodness friend.

It’s Not Your Fault You Didn’t Know Any Better.

The time and energy that goes into running a business is staggering.

It doesn’t really leave you much time to reflect and learn about what’s truly best for your business.

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Either way, it’s time to get out there, and start using the psychological hacks above to become the social butterfly your business was always meant to be!

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