5 Online Marketing Tips for Today’s Car Dealer

Last Updated on March 8, 2017

Cars are selling again. As the economy continues to recover, car dealerships are emerging from the rubble and ramping up their sales. This time around, however, they’re dusting themselves off and getting themselves back on their feet in an economy where consumers, who are a little more money cautious, are relying on the internet to make informed purchases. Now more than ever, buyers are on a hunt for details about their investments. They’re searching for information that will tell them how to cut costs, save money and strike the best bargains.

As such, dealers of the auto industry have to use online marketing to customers where they’re most comfortable getting their information: online. With access to all of the information a consumer could ever want online, auto dealers have to log on to.

Here are five effective tips for using online marketing to promote your auto dealership:

5 Online Marketing Tips for Today's Car Dealer

Connect with All Online Leads

Dealerships often make the mistake of leaving potential online leads to the wayside. Remember, prospective clients are on a constant hunt for a good car deal. Much more than the purchases they will make in any other industry, consumers today are researching websites and social media pages to find information about their next big car purchase.

Convert potential clients skimming your site for options into actual consumers. Start by placing call to actions (CTAs) on the pages of your websites and social media pages. Ask them for their contact information and provide them with your own. Your mission is to receive their email, phone number, or address so that you can give them a steady stream of promotions surrounding your business. Be sure to provide relevant content on these pages that detail tips on buying a car. Besides serving as a conversion portal for your business your website and social media channels should work to establish you as an expert in your field.

Regularly Update All of Your Social Channels

If you can swing it, sign up for all of the top and niche social media channels available. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat can work to a marketers advantage in different ways. Look into which channels your target audience is most likely to be on and sign yourself up for them. Make sure that you keep a strong and consistent presence on all of the social channels you sign up for. Juggling multiple channels while running a business can be hard without the help of a social media manager. So, if creating a solid presence is only possible on a few channels that’s okay too.

Focus your attention on delivering quality content on social channels that will help endorse your brand. Stagnant social media pages tend to lose followers and customer interest, so make sure that your posts are regular, informative and engaging. Automated marketing tools like Tweeriod can help keep this information flowing to your channels without constant manual updates.

Give Customers Helpful Auto Dealership Resources

It’s no secret that most consumers are pretty hesitant about car dealerships. As such, you’ll have to really sell your customers and potential clients that you’re one of the good guys. Just like any business, your reputation is everything. In order to genuinely gain your customer’s trust, you’ll have to do more than run an honest business.

Providing them with unbiased and helpful information as they endure the buying process is a good way to start. Consumers want to feel like the salespeople they work with have their best interest at heart. Send consumers emails and texts that provide tips, information, and coupons. Content on websites that show honest price comparisons and are backed up with links will help them to trust your word. What’s more, these marketing resources will establish your dealership as an automotive authority and increase your customer loyalty and broaden your base.

Be Responsive When It Comes to Online Feedback

Here’s where your reaction to online feedback can make or break the reputation of your dealership business. If you have an online presence, receiving online customer complaints and reviews are inevitable. Still, while you can’t keep all customers happy, you have to try.

This is especially true if you consider how public online forums like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Glassdoor are. Potential clients frequent these sites to determine how brands conduct their business. If they don’t like what they see, they can hop onto a search engine and find a site that will give them a better impression. Instead of engaging in an argument with customers, do your best provide a professional and prompt response that is friendly and provides a solution. A bad review can be turned with the right response.

Tap Into Video

If you really want to engage your customers, use video. All online consumers want to be able to get as close to the tangible experience an in-store visit will allow. For car buyers, this is even truer. Use video to advertise your newest cars and detail their features, also use it to promote deals and sale specials. Videos that serve as a tutorial and provide tips and helpful information about the car buying process are more likely to get positive ROIs. The most engaging and informative videos will generate the most shares and bring in new business.

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