3 Ways Trump’s New Equipment Tax Code Saves Borrowers Thousands

Last Updated on November 26, 2018

Are you taking advantage of Trump’s new capital equipment Tax Code?

If you own an S-corporation or LLC, and you have a taxable profit in 2018, you have the chance to borrow money to save money!

business equipment tax benefits end of fiscal year

3 Ways Borrowing Money Saves You Money
On Equipment Purchases in 2018

  1. Immediate Write-Offs: Section 179 of the IRS tax codes allow business owners to deduct the FULL purchase and leasing prices of ALL equipment costs up to $1 million dollars during the fiscal year. This means that business owners that purchase or lease equipment can deduct the full price of their equipment costs from their gross income for their return in 2018. This gives businesses the chance to substantially reduce their tax burden in 2018.
  2. Carryback & Carryforward Options: If your business is unable to use the entire deduction in 2018, no worries! You have up to 20 years to carry losses from your new equipment purchases forward, boosting your savings for years to come, all while you generate more productivity and margin from your new equipment!
  3. Save on Operational Cash: By funding your new equipment through a financing company like National, businesses eliminate using any free cash needed for operations. By financing the equipment you still get full write off, saving thousands in taxes, more than enough to cover any interest payments! Plus, you avoid depleting any cash on hand.

How it Might Work for You

Let’s say you had a great year in 2018, and you make $100K in taxable income.

You’re in the market for new equipment that will cost $100K.

By financing your equipment instead of paying out of pocket, you can depreciate 100% of your equipment costs if they are made in 2018, ultimately wiping out the entire $100K of taxable income.

Trump's Equipment Tax Code Works for You

That means you pay no taxes!

And what’s more, by financing your equipment, the money you save can be used to eliminate up-front fees and insurance costs – the government just paid for a major portion of your equipment!

How to Take Full Advantage of Equipment Tax Benefits

As stated before, you won’t feel the full effects of the benefits above unless you finance your equipment through an alternative financing company like National.

Only companies like National can offer businesses the chance to save time and money by eliminating upfront fees, and capitalizing on the full tax deductions and bonus depreciation offers available to small businesses.

With larger offers, lower rates, and flexible terms, National offers the best equipment financing options that help maximize your savings on leasing, purchasing or upgrading machinery and IT equipment for businesses from every industry.

Equipment Financing Qualifications

Unlike most financing companies, National’s equipment loan approval process does NOT require you make a minimum in annual gross sales, have a minimum amount of time in business, and does not depend at all on your credit score.

All you need get equipment funding from NBC is a solid plan for how your new equipment will help you grow!

To get the cash you need for new or upgraded equipment in as little as 24 hours, call us at (877) 482-3008, or apply online by filling out our 60-second application, and we’ll start helping you take full advantage of the tax benefits to come – before the fiscal year comes to a close!

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